Microwaved food and cancer!

By Dr Janey Microwave ovens provide a ‘convenient’ way of cooking that has led to them finding their way into more than 90% of homes in the western world today. In fact, in our fast-paced modern culture that demands convenience and quick results, it is not surprising that microwaves have become such a universal feature […]

Soy products and cancer – good or bad?

By Dr Janey Soy, the ‘miracle New-Age food’, has reached virtually all the corners of the globe in recent decades.  It has been having a notable influence on breast cancer (and several other conditions).  But just what is the nature of this influence?  Anyone with cancer (or anyone who wishes to prevent it), should make […]

Beef – a ‘couldron’ of hormones!

By Dr Janey There is a long list of reasons why anyone who wants to considerably reduce their risk of getting cancer, particularly breast or prostate cancer, should consider discontinuing the regular eating of meat. Here we explore one of those reasons…. These are some of the facts and figures that the meat industry would […]

MSG and cancer

By Dr Janey MSG or Monosodium glutamate is a chemical flavouring added to food to impart a meaty flavour to foods. It is generally accepted as the most common, as well as the most toxic chemical food additive in processed foods today! So what exactly does MSG do to you when you consume it? Well MSG is recognised not only as […]

Chronic dehydration ~ why it causes cancer

By Dr Janey “You are not sick, you are thirsty!” There are good reasons and sound scientific explanations for these simple, yet sobering words uttered by Dr Batmanghelidj (author of ‘Your Body’s Many Cries for Water) Yet in spite of this great truth, most people today are chronically dehydrated and unaware of the considerable negative […]