What if you were given 6 months to live?

By Dr Janey Sadly people are being given expected survival times like this every day around the world.  Sometimes the prediction may be 2 weeks to live, a month, 6 months or a year, but regardless of the time the truth is that all too often it sets the foundation for manifesting that very reality!  […]

A new era in cancer and health!

By Dr Janey The time has come for us to change our approach to cancer! If we continue to do more of the same, ie the conventional approach of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, we will continue to get more of the same results! Those results being, to name chemotherapy as an example, an average success […]

Microwaved food and cancer!

By Dr Janey Microwave ovens provide a ‘convenient’ way of cooking that has led to them finding their way into more than 90% of homes in the western world today. In fact, in our fast-paced modern culture that demands convenience and quick results, it is not surprising that microwaves have become such a universal feature […]

Thermography – the safer alternative!

By Dr Janey While mammograms have been the widely accepted (and strongly promoted) method of screening for breast cancer since the 1950′s, the evidence now points strongly towards mammograms not only being unreliable in their role of screening, but in fact being responsible for posing real dangers to women (see article, ‘Mammograms ~ what your […]

Soy products and cancer – good or bad?

By Dr Janey Soy, the ‘miracle New-Age food’, has reached virtually all the corners of the globe in recent decades.  It has been having a notable influence on breast cancer (and several other conditions).  But just what is the nature of this influence?  Anyone with cancer (or anyone who wishes to prevent it), should make […]

The Crucial Role of Oestrogen on Breast cancer

By Dr Janey “Breast cancer is strongly linked to an individual’s life-time exposure to oestrogen!” The above is a statement that few dispute, regardless of their chosen approach to the treatment of breast cancer.  Put differently, the more you are exposed to oestrogen during your life-time, the greater your risk is of developing breast cancer, […]

Plastics, tin cans and……cancer!

By Dr Janey The chemical Bisphenol A (BPA), has in recent years become a subject of much debate. While the scientists who raise the alarm of the potential health hazards of BPA and the growing numbers of self-educated, health-conscious members of the public express their concerns; the industries that utilise BPA, continue to utter their […]