What if you were given 6 months to live?

By Dr Janey

Sadly people are being given expected survival times like this every day around the world.  Sometimes the prediction may be 2 weeks to live, a month, 6 months or a year, but regardless of the time the truth is that all too often it sets the foundation for manifesting that very reality!  Such is the power of our minds and our belief systems! For others if may not be a life prediction but yet may still be equally negative and destructive to their health and their hope with words such as, ‘This can never be cured, it can only be managed with medication’.

Welcome to the NOCEBO EFFECT!  Definition: Altering our physical reality through negative thought, belief and expectation alone.

Most of us are more familiar with the term, PLACEBO effect: Definition: Altering our physical reality through positive thought, belief and expectation alone – the now well-known example of the sugar pill.  This is demonstrated by studies that follows 2 sets of people with a common medical condition; one group receives the pharmaceutical drug and the other group receives nothing more than a sugar pill.  Neither group knows which they are receiving and yet time-after-time unbiased studies reveal that the group receiving the sugar pill attains results as good as (or better) than the group receiving the drug and without the side-effects.  This is the power of your mind; the Placebo effect!

Now let’s go back to patients around the world receiving the prognosis that they have x number of months or years to live. Unfortunately a vast majority of these patients believe what they are told and in doing so regrettably go on to fulfill their doctor’s or oncologist’s grim prognosis (nocebo effect).

But what if this grim life prediction were not truth but merely based on probability related to one particular medical model?  What if the truth is that you can choose a different outcome regardless of what the xrays or MRI scan reveals?   What if you could choose not to take on your doctor’s prediction as gospel?  The truth is that countless people around the world have done so successfully and defied the words of their doctor, living years or decades beyond what was predicted for them.  They chose a different outcome, a different truth and then began seeking answers and taking action to make this their reality.  If one person can do this, then you can too!

If you have been handed a miserable prediction for your health or your life (or know of a friend or loved one who has) then know this my friend – you have the power to choose your own outcome!  Don’t let statistics, evidence of test results or words of fear sway you!  This is the limited three dimensional world we live in, but there is a much greater truth.

As Abraham Lincoln once said, “To believe in the things you can see and touch is no belief at all; but to believe in the unseen is a triumph and a blessing”.

If you are ready to decide your own truth then you are in the right place and we are here to support you on this journey and show you the tools that can help you to tap into the God-given capacity to Self-Heal that you were gifted with!  While we have been all-too-readily told of our limitations in healing, we are seldom reminded of our limitlessness! Not only does this offer the possibility of a vastly different outcome, but also a vastly more enjoyable journey!

And finally for those amongst the status quo who may find it difficult to see beyond the parameters of the conventional medical model they have been conditioned to believe and are inclined to respond with words of, ‘one shouldn’t give false hope’, then I leave you with the words once uttered by Charlotte Gerson who stated, ‘how infinitely better than false despair!’

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