Changing the ‘meaning of cancer’ could change your outcome!

By Dr Janey

It is hard to argue the fact that the mindset with which we approach all things in life plays a large contributing role, not only towards the manner in which we experience that circumstance, person or challenge, but crucially also to the outcome of it.

Cancer is no different!

Let’s begin by pointing out that it is completely understandable for anyone who has recently been diagnosed with cancer to experience a cauldron of what would normally be considered as negative emotions. These may include immense fear, denial, anger, thoughts of ‘why me?’, to mention just a few, and they are a natural response to learning of a condition that is frequently perceived as life-threatening. In fact the very act of processing these emotions can be a necessary and powerful phase of achieving greater clarity, understanding and purpose in our journey forward.

What is important however is that we understand that staying in this place of often-times enormous fear and despair is not helpful in the long term if we are to restore full and vibrant health. While these emotions of fear can serve us in the short term, galvanising us to take appropriate actions and to make changes where changes are needed, it is important too to realise that a mindset immersed predominantly in fear and helplessness over the longer term will suppress our wonderful immune system and greatest ally in healing at the very time we need it most!

Therefore it becomes crucial that at some point we make the choice to find a way to transform our meaning of cancer to one that promotes a mindset that will support and enhance our healing journey.

So how do we do this?

By reminding ourselves that cancer is so much more than the tumour! When we choose to look at the bigger picture of our health, including our dietary choices, various aspects of our lifestyle and the emotional patterns that have governed our lives, cancer frequently provides the catalyst to address what has not been working in our lives instead of brushing it under the proverbial rug that we as humans are so prone to doing.

When we choose to look more closely at the aspects of our lives that may have contributed to cancer developing – not from a place of blame or harshness to ourselves, but simply by accepting our own role in our health or lack thereof – we get to unlock our own immense power in restoring health! And when we choose to make changes where they are needed, life invariably begins to take on a richer, deeper, more fulfilling way of being. Therein lies the ‘gift of cancer’!

In essence, by choosing to see that there is indeed profound purpose in everything in life, including cancer, we can begin to embrace our journey from a place of gratitude for the opportunity of living life in a more complete and enriched way. In turn, our entire physiology will start to reflect this new mindset and will serve to support and enhance our body’s efforts in the healing process.

Many who have traveled this journey and have learned to accept the challenge that cancer brings as a ‘gift’ will attest to the power in this, and while we acknowledge that this may be a giant step from the initial shock and fear experienced at the time of diagnosis of cancer, it remains a beautiful and powerful journey for those who are prepared to take it!

Enjoy the journey!

Dr Janey

See how cancer survivor, Brett Simpson, attributes his ability to transforming the meaning of cancer to that of a ‘gift’ as being instrumental in his ultimate full recovery!

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