Why you do not need to (and should not) live in fear of cancer!

By Dr Janey

Understanding a little of the history of medicine is not only fascinating, but extremely helpful in unlocking the door to acquiring true health, while putting an end to living in fear of cancer and other diseases forever! It goes like this….

The entire course of modern medicine has unfolded in the manner it has, largely due to the ‘germ theory’ as proposed by Louis Pasteur in the 1850′s. This theory hypothesised that diseases were caused by microbes that entered the body from the outside. He stated that they were monomorphic (of one shape or form) and that each disease could be attributed to a unique microbe eg a particular bacteria or virus. Therefore, the only way to treat the disease was to kill the invading microbe.

However, what few people realise is that during this same time the scientists Bechamp and Bernard shared an opposing theory to that of Pasteur. Their ‘cellular theory’ stated that the terrain of the cells was the all-important governing factor which dictated whether or not tiny microbes living normally within the body, which they called ‘microzyma’, would transform into viruses, bacteria or fungi depending on the needs of the body (ie they were pleomorphic -changed into different shapes and forms).

When the body was healthy and in balance these microzyma would simply assist in the day-to-day clean-up of cellular debris and decay, but when the environment within the body deteriorated into one that was unbalanced (toxic and acidic), the microzyma would mutate into these other forms of microbes in an attempt to more vigorously clean up dead and dying tissue and thereby restore homeostasis. (This same theory was subsequently validated by the brilliant scientist Dr Gunther Enderlein in the 1920′s. He referred to the microzyma as ‘protits’ and explained that they are tiny colloids of life that are virtually indestructible and yet are visible under any microscope and easily witnessed in live blood analysis).

Pasteur on his death bed admitted that his ‘germ theory’ had flaws and that “Bernard was correct……terrain is everything”. However, it was too late. By this stage, thanks to Pasteur’s considerable influence and connections, he had already convinced the scientific community of his theory (in spite of never being educated in science).


The entire approach of modern medicine has subsequently been molded around Pasteur’s theory at the virtual exclusion of the critical role of the terrain of the body. As a result, voracious development and use of antibiotics as well as vaccines has followed, (both of which incidentally have not promoted health in the bigger picture contrary to first impressions) while failing to address the causes that led to a poor terrain.

germ vs terrain theory

While we do have some microbes entering our body from the outside (if we are not healthy), we have vastly more microbes within our body than ever enter our body from the outside. In fact we have more bacteria in our bodies than we do cells!

Wherever there is decomposition and decay, microbes will be attracted in order to break down the decaying matter into a form that the immune system can eliminate. When these demands are high within the body, ie when we lead lives that are such that we have more acid and toxins accumulating in and around the cells, the ‘microzyma’ will transform into bacteria in an attempt to clear up the toxic debris, which if left to build-up could create the conditions for cancer (and other diseases) to form. As conditions worsen, they then transform into viruses, and ultimately into fungi. In fact fungi only exist in some of the most oxygen-deprived tissues, and this is the reason why they are found in cancerous tumours which are by necessity severely oxygen-deprived tissues.  Crucially however, the fungi are not the cause of the cancer, but rather the secondary invaders as a result of the poor terrain.

As Andreas Moritz (author of the excellent book, ‘Cancer is NOT a disease’) points out, this fact has been endorsed by over 150 studies over the last 100 years which have noted spontaneous regression of cancerous tumours following bacterial and viral infections. In fact during fevers, tumours literally ‘disintegrate’ while the cancerous cells are eliminated by the immune system. These infections are simply the microbes acting appropriately on our behalf!

We need to consider then the effect of eradicating these infections with antibiotics and using drugs to suppress the fever, while failing to address the cause that attracted them in the first place. Resorting to these pharmaceuticals is a ‘quick-fix’ answer and is not a solution for health in the bigger picture!

These microbes (whether originating as microzyma within the body or microbes outside the body) and the immune system work together constantly to protect you! They not only work to clear away the 30 billion cells in our bodies that die naturally every day, but they also clear away the additional toxic and acidic build-up that threaten to suffocate our cells from receiving oxygen and nutrition. Our survival depends on this intricate co-functioning of the microbes and our immune system every moment of our lives. It is a sophisticated and ingenious system way beyond anything that modern medicine is able to copy!

germ theory

Infections and cancer (and most other chronic debilitative diseases) have the same underlying origins. When we allow our bodies to become acidic and toxic at the cellular level, it becomes increasing difficult for oxygen to be taken up by the cells. Because oxygen is the most basic requirement for life, without it, cells begin to die within minutes.

In order to facilitate this oxygen supply the microbes must work constantly to clear away the build-up of decay and acidic content. When the oxygen supply dwindles in a suffocating, acidic and toxic cellular environment in spite of these efforts, in a desperate attempt to prevent catastrophic death of masses of cells and entire organs, and therefore risk the imminent death of the host (person or animal), the cells do something quite miraculous; they adjust to survive in this oxygen-deprived environment by changing genetically in a way that enables them to ferment glucose (instead of oxygen) to continue to produce energy to survive. In doing this they become what we call, and have learnt to fear: cancerous cells.

However, when we understand their reason for becoming cancer cells, we begin to realise that they should not be feared! They are simply a sign that your body is on your side! You should feel encouraged that your body is doing its utmost to help you to survive, while you do all you can to support it in clearing away the decaying and acidic build-up by creating a healthy inner terrain. When you do this, you begin to unleash the power of your miraculous body which knows how to do the rest – tumours dissolve and cancer cells are eliminated!

In summary; when we live a life that promotes a healthy, well-oxygenated and alkaline terrain at the cellular level, our immune system is optimised and we become very resistant to ‘dangerous’ microbes outside of our bodies as well as to the microzyma from changing into more pathogenic microbes. This is the reason why those people who experience ‘true health’ can be in close contact with others who have colds or flu or other viral infections and never fear ‘catching’ the infection. In addition, when we live this way, we also have no reason to live in fear of cancer, because cancer does not affect people randomly- only those who have a terrain that allows it!

In conclusion; the failure to consider the all-important role of the terrain has not only proved fatal to millions, but it has effectively left the masses feeling (subconsciously at least) like helpless victims of random infections and diseases such as cancer, while promoting a strong dependence on the medical industry. By the same token, it has left people unaware (and frequently feeling unaccountable) for their own significant role in preventing and healing from disease.

The truth is that we all have enormous control over our inner terrain and therefore our susceptibility (or not) to cancer and other diseases, as well as our power to overcome them. No one therefore should be living in fear of cancer! In fact, it can be argued that it is precisely this overwhelming and misplaced fear of cancer that plays a part in perpetuating it!



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