The hidden dangers of a cancer diagnosis!

By Dr Janey

In the aftermath of a cancer diagnosis, the belief that cancer is a real threat to you, or a loved one’s survival can understandably be a devastating and frightening period of time.

However, what happens within the body in the days and weeks following a diagnosis of cancer needs to be considered too….

In this state of intense fear, the body which is a powerhouse of chemicals receives a crippling blow. The usual production of natural anti-cancer chemicals by the body such as Interferon and Interleukin 2 are considerably suppressed in this state of fear. Added to this, stress hormones such as cortisol that are released for as long as this perceived threat continues, result in a suppression of the immune system.

In addition, the release of hormones that serve to heal us such as our natural endorphins and growth hormones drop dramatically. This is also accompanied by a ‘drying up’ of all our normal digestive juices in this state of ‘fight and flight’ so that the nutrients in our foods which we need to nourish our cells more than ever during a time of having cancer, are simply not digested or absorbed as they would be in a normal relaxed and happy state.

Therefore, at exactly the time we need to call on our immune system to heal us, we inadvertently paralyse our own inherent healing mechanisms simply by being terrified by what we perceive as an immediate threat to our survival!

It is this deeply entrenched belief that most people harbour; that cancer is a ‘killer disease’ that creates enormous fear, and in doing so not only sets in motion the physiological changes in the body as outlined above that serve as an impediment to healing, but in addition and of arguably greater importance is the effect that these thoughts have on our powerful mind, helping to inadvertently set the stage for manifesting these worst fears!

In summary, the simple act of receiving a diagnosis of cancer can be more damaging than the disease itself!

The truth however (as shared in our ‘7 Timeless Truths of Cancer’) is that cancer is only a formidable disease when in failing to understand it, treatment is focused on the tumour (only a symptom) instead of the underlying cause.  Symptom-based approaches cannot deliver long term results without addressing the cause, and it is for this reason primarily that success rates in cancer treatment are so poor (approx 2% success in chemotherapy – Journal of Clinical Oncology).

At, we remind ourselves that not only is this paralysing fear of cancer severely detrimental to healing, but it is not necessary!  When we change our focus to the underlying cause of the tumour – the lack of oxygen at the cellular level – and learn how to restore oxygenation and take action in doing so while working in alignment with the body’s wisdom, we find that the body willingly responds in turn in the healing process.


Knowing this enables us to feel empowered, positive and pro-active in the knowledge that we can dictate our own healing from cancer, and in turn has the effect of helping to dissolve fear, while creating the platform for a vastly improved chance of survival!

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