Conventional vs alternative?

By Dr Janey

It’s a million dollar question… you’ve just had the earth-shattering experience of being told that you (or a loved one) has cancer, and now you need to make a decision; do you go with the conventional route of surgery/chemotherapy/radiation or do you take what remains the road less traveled -the alternative route?

It is a decision that your life could quite literally depend on!

Your doctor may be insisting that surgery and chemotherapy is the only way forward; in fact he/she may denounce anything other than this approach as insanity. You may even have dates and deadlines set for surgery and chemo to take place, adding considerable pressure to your decision-making process if you are still feeling uncertain.

You may naturally feel that you should trust your doctor’s opinion, while at the back of your mind there may be nagging concerns about chemotherapy and its all-too-well-known devastating side-effects, not to mention radiation, or the often mutilating effects of surgery.

Firstly, let me emphasise that you should never let yourself be rushed into making this decision! While cancer is a message that action needs to be taken whichever route you choose to go, it is not a decision that you need to (nor should) be taking in the moment of receiving this diagnosis.  It is a time when you are very likely not in the best state of mind to be making such a crucial decision. Therefore take the time you need to decide – that may be days, or even weeks.

Know that cancer has taken many years to develop to the point where you are now, and so contrary to what many believe, in most instances you do have some time to ponder the right choice. In fact it is infinitely wiser to arrive at the right decision taken from an informed place, than to rush head long into the wrong one because you feel pressured to do so!

My role is not to coerce you into taking the route I believe will offer you your best chance for true healing, but simply to provide the reasons for what I believe is the best route, while your conventional doctor will most likely be giving you his/her reasons why they believe their route to be the best.

Consider both, and then choose the path that feels right for you! This is a decision that only YOU can make!

Please note that going forward I refer to the ‘natural’ route, as opposed to using the word, ‘alternative’. The word ‘alternative’ suggests a secondary, or somehow lesser option than the conventional option, which I firmly do not believe to be the case!


Here are the reasons why I believe a natural route offers you the greatest success in overcoming cancer – both in the immediate and long term future:

1. Cancer arises out of a toxic crisis in the body. A toxic and acidic environment at the cellular level results in a lack of oxygen reaching the cells.  Oxygen deprivation being the primary/root cause of cancer, forces some of these cells to mutate to cancer cells in an attempt to survive in these low oxygen conditions. By ‘treating’ the body with potent, toxic and carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals in the form of chemotherapy drugs we exacerbate this toxic cellular environment that led to cancer cells forming in the first place.  Radiation is also carcinogenic, while surgery is an invasive and traumatic experience for the body frequently with long term consequences.

The natural approach in contrast, aims at understanding the primary cause and clearing this toxicity in an attempt to restore oxygen supply to the cells.  In doing so we help to enable your powerful immune system to facilitate the disintegration and removal of tumours.

“It should be forbidden and severely punished to remove cancer by cutting, burning, cautery and other fiendish tortures.  It is from nature that the disease arises and from nature comes the cure”. Paracelsus (1493-1541)


2. Surgery/chemo and radiation are focused on annihilating the tumour; however the tumour is only a symptom of the underlying poor state of the terrain in the body which is responsible for allowing the tumour to form. If you respond to cancer by trying to destroy the tumour, you simply suppress the symptoms and fail to address the all-important cause!

Statistics in fact show that there is NO correlation between tumour shrinkage and curing or extending life!

The natural approach focuses on the underlying cause, which involves improving the cellular terrain of the body and in doing so promoting oxygen and nutrient supply to the tissues.  When this is successfully addressed, tumours will disintegrate, enabling them to be removed by the various eliminatory components of the immune system because the reason for them being there has been resolved.


3. If the cause is left untreated as it is with the conventional approach, you stand a good chance of experiencing a ‘relapse’ as is often experienced after conventional treatment.  When this happens the cancer is also likely to be more ‘aggressive’. Knowing this leaves the patient living in a constant state of fear-of-relapse – not the way you deserve to be living!

By following the natural route and treating the cause, and then continuing to embrace a way of life that supports a healthy internal terrain, you need never live in fear of cancer again!


4. Our ingenious immune system is critical to our health and is what is ultimately responsible for healing us. No doctor (or any other ‘healer’) actually heals you; it is you that heals yourself through your magnificent immune system or ‘inner doctor’! For this reason, any method that suppresses the body’s natural healing mechanisms should be avoided at all costs!  Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation all have strongly suppressive effects on our immune system rendering it incapable at the very time we need it most!

The natural approach in contrast employs methods that support and enhance our immune system, and work in alignment with its wisdom!


5. The conventional approach has us believing that our own body has ‘turned against us’ and that we should fight back. This represents a false understanding of our ingenious bodies! Your body would never turn against you! By misunderstanding cancer and believing that it is ‘the enemy’ that has turned against us for reasons we don’t understand, we engender a great deal of fear and uncertainty. This fear in turn suppresses our immune system and our natural healing abilities.

The natural approach instead reminds us of the truth that our body is on our side, and encouraged by this and its wisdom, helps to dissolve this fear. This in turn not only supports our immune system, but also enables us to be in a more positive and proactive mindset to take the steps required to promote ‘true healing’.


6. Statistics from unbiased studies have revealed that the true success rate of chemotherapy is just over 2% (Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2004).  Various experts on the subject have confirmed the same.

Hardin B Jones Ph. D (former professor of medical physics and top statistician of cancer) to mention one example, has been quoted as stating the following “My studies have proved conclusively that untreated cancer victims live up to four times longer than treated individuals. If one has cancer and opts to do nothing at all, he will live longer and feel better than if he undergoes radiation, chemotherapy or surgery”. 

Contrastingly, when a natural approach is fully embraced and the cause effectively addressed, success with cancer in the region of 90% can be anticipated.


7. Your doctor or oncologist is recommending the surgery/chemotherapy route because it’s the only option they’re allowed to recommend! In many countries if your doctor fails to recommend the conventional route of treatment they risk having their licence being revoked.  Therefore, often in spite of their own misgivings about the potential for success, they offer the only method of treatment they can.

In addition, most doctors believe it is the only option for cancer treatment because this is the only method taught to them at medical schools, which in turn are heavily funded by the pharmaceutical companies who govern them.

In contrast, an exciting new era is dawning in how to attain ‘true health’.  People are learning to be accountable for their own health in their day-to-day lifestyle choices and learning to understand, trust and support their own miraculous healing ability naturally, and with pleasing results.


Here are some additional quotes from leading experts:


“Chemotherapy and radiation can increase the risk of developing a second cancer by up to 100 times”.   Dr Samual Epstein


“Many medical oncologists recommend chemotherapy for virtually any tumour, with a hopefulness undiscouraged by almost invariable failure”.   Albert Braverman MD


“Conventional chemotherapy treatment can be so taxing that patients won’t even consider, let alone take action on, other cancer-fighting measures such as diet modification, exercise and meditation.”

“The percentage of cancer patients whose lives are predictably saved by chemotherapy is 3%. To this day there is no conclusive evidence that chemotherapy has any positive influence on survival or quality of life. Chemotherapy and radiation do not make the body well. They destroy, they do not heal………how much better it is to nourish the immune system directly by the use of natural therapies to assist it in getting well instead of destroying it….” Dr L Day MD


Those who have begun with the conventional route, only to find down the road that it has failed them, and then resort to the natural option when their doctor pronounces that they can do no more for them, will unfortunately find that resorting to the natural route at this late stage will be doing so with a considerably compromised immune system that will make healing a more difficult, (although not impossible), task.

The same would hold true for employing both these routes of treatment at the same time. While this can be done (although your doctor will probably discourage it as he/she is not familiar with the natural options) the benefits from the natural methods would be reduced (or potentially made redundant) in view of the immunosuppressive effects of the conventional methods.


If you do decide that the natural approach is the right one for you, then step boldly into it and embrace it fully! While each person’s situation must be considered individually, it is best not to attempt to do both approaches in the hope that by doing everything, something must work!  To do this is to misunderstand cancer!


Finally, remember that you are an infinite, incredible being and that all cancers can be overcome (regardless of the stage) if you believe it, and if you embrace an approach that works in harmony with your body’s own ingenious wisdom!


Now, having heard my point of view, as well as your conventional doctor’s, choose the route going forward that resonates best with you and follow it whole heartedly! You are the only one that can (and should) make this decision!

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