A new era in cancer and health!

By Dr Janey

The time has come for us to change our approach to cancer! If we continue to do more of the same, ie the conventional approach of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, we will continue to get more of the same results! Those results being, to name chemotherapy as an example, an average success rate of just over 2% (Journal of Clinical Oncology, 2002)

While our doctors and medical system have served us well in many areas, and the considerable advances in modern medicine are to be applauded; in the area of chronic debilitating diseases such as cancer, the modern approach is not serving us!

Consider the fact that there have been no medical cures for any chronic debilitating diseases for over 50 years! This is quite inconceivable in view of other advances achieved, and can be mainly attributed to modern medicine’s mechanistic approach that involves treating and suppressing the symptoms while giving little attention to the causes and the ‘bigger picture’ involved. It gives the patient what they think they want- a ‘quick fix’ so that they can go on their way and get back quickly to living life exactly as they have been.


The problem in this of course is that the manner in which the individual has being living is usually precisely what caused their medical issue. Misled by this quick turn-around in their symptoms, they think that their illness has been resolved and go on living in the same non-constructive manner that initially brought about a visit to their doctor.

This may happen many times, often with seemingly unrelated health issues. Unfortunately the quick-fix answers of drugs and surgery usually fail to make the patient adequately consider the reasons for their ill health and so the causes are never addressed.

symptom vs cause

Ultimately they may find themselves ‘waking up one day’ to heart disease or cancer and may wonder how they got to be so unlucky. The seemingly unrelated ‘minor ailments’ of colds and flu, allergies, headaches, constipation, high blood pressure etc were in fact some of the early signs that the body was congested and toxic. When we choose to ignore these warning signs (symptoms) on an ongoing basis, it will invariably present as a disease of greater consequence down the line!

Conditions such as cancer and heart disease don’t arise overnight, but rather from a lifetime of ignoring (or suppressing) the warnings our body has been sending us.

Our medical system can’t take all the blame for the poor state of health of the masses either however, because we too have wanted the quick-fix solutions from our doctors rather than investing the time and effort to make the more enduring lifestyle changes required.

Suppression of symptoms and not dealing with the cause is a ‘cash cow’ for the medical industry. It almost guarantees that the patient will be back again for more treatment. What we need to begin doing instead is embracing our own education in ‘true health’ so that we can begin to understand our bodies and work in harmony with the incredible inner wisdom we each possess, rather than against it.

In conclusion, an exciting new era is dawning in the way cancer (and health generally) is being approached. We welcome you to join this paradigm shift of awareness that encourages accountability, some knowledge and a deepening respect for your body’s own wisdom, while offering a freedom and vibrancy in health that the previous era could never match!


“The philosophies of one age have become the absurdities of the next and the foolishness of yesterday has become the wisdom of tomorrow” Sir William Osler (1902)

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